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    When it comes to data recovery, especially with phones, we're the best in utah!
    When it comes to SMS / APP messages here are the rules in the industry.

    SMS messages (Green Bubble / android) can be recovered with a subpoena to the carrier, typically within 30 to 90 days of the deletion.
    Also some recovery methods can be taken by us to recover older messages.  

    SMS messages through (Blue Bubble / iOS) can be recovered via iCloud within 24 hours and with iOS16 within 30 days.
    (unless the user chooses to go to the trash can and permanently delete the messages)   Some recovery methods may work but not all.
    Apple takes privacy very seriously and permanently deletes these messages after deletion.

    App messaging such as Facebook messenger, instagram, whatsapp, telegram, signal, wickr, kik, snapchat and many more are cloud based,
    meaning not saved locally after being deleted.  And if it is saved locally it would be encrypted.
    The user of the phone would not have the keys to decrypt the saved local files (if any), neither would Tech MD.
    Only top forensic methods may be possible to decrypt these files, such as the FBI and other high levels of government.  Typically the FBI will only get involved in criminal cases. You might have some success subpoenaing these applications, but after 30 to 90 days of deletion the data will be 100% gone off their servers.