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    • Opening Time:
      Monday Sunday
      11:00 AM to 8:00 PM

    Search anything you want.

    To Schedule an appointment

    please contact us

    +1 801-438-6028
    We take many forms of payment however with debit or credit cards we cannot offer discounts due to processing fees.

    Discounts are per device repaired. Discounts can not be combined.

    Cash $5 Off
    Venmo or cash app $2 Off
    Apple Cash or Zelle $5~$10 Off

    Valora (in app store, must use debit card / bank account similar to venmo) $10~$20 Off
    Must have app installed and setup. I will help you send funds from there if you need help beyond setup.

    We Accept Cryptocurrencies

    Bitcoin and Ethereum $10 Off
    All Other Cryptos $5~$10 Off
    Military, fire, police and school teacher $10 Off
    Must have ID and be the owner of the phone. Any payment method accepted!
    Free mobile service for all of our busy health care workers! (Normally $1 per min travel time from Sandy, Utah 1 way)
    After repair is done and you have paid, these discounts are extra and you can do any type of payment option for repair but you will be paid via venmo or cash app

    Leave us a Google & Facebook review

    $5 Cash Back

    Leave detailed review (2 paragraphs minimum) on google or facebook. 2 pictures or video of the repair process

    $10 Cash Back
    How to leave a google & facebook review?
    Best way to do this is open up google maps on your phone or download it.
    • Make sure you’re logged in with your gmail account.
    • Search for Tech MD (doesn’t matter which one.) Click Tech MD then click on it again on the bottom.
    • Click on reviews press on the star rating you desire. Then share your experience.
    • Please mention the type of phone in your review!
    • Open facebook app and click the search button top right.
    • Search for Tech MD. Click on Tech MD, click like button, then click reviews, then click yes or no on whether you would recommend Tech MD.
    • Type what you would like to say and then click share.
    BBB Review $5 Cash Back
    Leave detailed review must be 1 paragraph or more for BBB Review. Please mention the type of phone in your review!
    Yelp Review $20 Cash Back
    Leave double paragraph super detailed review on yelp. Must include 2 pictures or a video of the repair process.

    Must have a profile picture, friends on yelp, and at least 10+ reviews already on your profile. Please contact Dustin after 30 days of your post, yelp must not remove it.

    • Shout out / picture, must tag and leave company phone number with image.
    • And if your intent is to take it down right after then please don’t use this discount. Must live in utah.
    • Instagram / twitter / youtube or other social media
    100+ Followers $5 Cash Back
    1,000+ Followers $10 Cash Back
    Discounts below you must have image / video up for 30 days before getting money.
    10K Followers $20 Cash Back
    100K Followers $100 Cash Back

    Must Show That Your Followers are Mainly in Utah

    10M Followers $20 Cash Back

    Please Contact Dustin For Discount Arrangements

    How to get Free labor! Just pay for the cost of parts.
    Dustin Knight is the owner of Tech MD with 18+ years of experience and 12+ years of teaching people across the world about fixing their electronics.
    Dustin has experience teaching in person and on YouTube how to fix cell phones. Dustin is willing to travel up to 60 miles from sandy to go