You might say to yourself, how does Tech MD do such amazing pricing?

About Tech-MD

Average repair time is 30 minutes, but could take longer depending the type of repair.

No, We have many home based businesses to serve you localy. We cut out building cost and empolyee cost this way, which you end up saving 10% to 50%!

No, we only use the highest quaility parts available.

Mobile Phone Repair

Yes currently you need to ship to the sandy utah address. Include a return shipping label (usps cheapest) with insurance and a phone number to reach you.


Starting at $20 and going up from there depending on how far your home or business is away from the tech. The money is to pay for the tech time and fuel.

It is your display (picture). Most repair pricing for LCD’s is because your touch or display is not working.

Payment Method

No, except for large transaction for business customers only!



Yes, computers, gaming consoles, Cell phones, tablets, tv’s and other electronics.

Please call and ask for Dustin.

Yes 24/7

This is extremly rare! If this happens you pay nothing for your repair, and get a replacement device for the inconvenience with data transfer or brand new upgraded device if we lose your data.


Yes we have a few discounts available, please look at our DISCOUNT page.